Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lasting Impressions
Sometimes we do something for someone that touches their hearts. This painting for my friend was one of those things. I presented it to her at a restaurant that was a meeting point half way between our respective homes. When she saw it she started to cry and the others in the restaurant started clapping. It was a special moment. When she got home she posted the following on Facebook:
Today my incredibly talented great & dear friend honored me with the gift of this painting she did. It is of my Mom sitting on a boat down at Aucoot Cove holding her beloved Robbie. We will treasure this forever Ellen ..Love you! Thank you!.. 
Many people had wonderful comments that followed her post.
Painting always makes me feel good. Seeing someone love their painting so much is like icing on the cake!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bird Park, Walpole-a favorite place to paint

Welcome to Bird park-16X20 oil-
selected for Zullo Gallery Juried Exhibition

Up, up and away 16 x 20 oil

Splash of sun 6X12 oil

Winter's Glory 8x16 oil

Theater in the Park 8x10  oil  

Walk down Memory Lane 11x14 oil

Stroll in the Park 12x16 oil

Memorial Gate-16x20 oil-
These paintings are inspired by one of my favorite places-Bird Park in Walpole, MA. Many happy memories remain of the park from my visits with my grandparents back in the 1950's. Today the park remains much the same with the exception of the former swimming pond which is now taken over by geese and weeds. Concrete benches are being slowly replaced by modern ones, but the spirit of the park remains the same. Painting en plein air is perfect here. There is a feeling that permeates the park that is inviting, yet provides a kind of solitude. Gates and bridges are unique, people dot the landscape -often with their dogs,  wildlife abounds and the rolling hills and open fields are dotted with trees and structures thoughtfully integrated into the landscape. Every bridge in the park is different in design and one of my goals is to eventually paint all of them.