Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Always a favorite-Bird Park in winter

They didn't read the sign!
Nemo came to Walpole and buried us in snow. It was the first time I recall a snowstorm being named. My first trip after digging out was to Bird Park. I have been painting the bridges in Bird Park, all of which are different from one another. This particular bridge has no good vantage point when the leaves are on the trees. With winter the bridge becomes the focal point of this beautiful snow covered scene. The ducks on the ice juxtaposed with the keep off the ice sign provided a bit of humor. The blue violet scene accented with the red orange and yellow orange  branches provided a perfect color harmony as you get pulled back into the distance.


She's got her eye on him!  11x14 oil

Vintage cars aren't my only interest in the past. Both my grandmother and mother were antique dealers. I grew up learning the history of so many items and their connection to us personally as well as their  connection to the past in general. Being part of a gallery  opening in an antique mall this past month, I was drawn to these items and the story they might tell. There was a photo of a woman that wanted to be in the still life but just didn't seem to fit. I resolved that by putting the woman's reflection in the mirror. I imagined her watching her man as he prepared to groom himself for the upcoming day.