Friday, December 20, 2013

Audubon Sanctuary

Close to Paradise   16x20 oil

Near home the Audubon Sanctuary in Norfolk, MA provides a beautiful setting year round for plein air painting. The water, boardwalks and foliage are spectacular in all seasons and the wildlife is abundant. During the fall I went walking with a friend and came upon a pair of swans who had moved into the habitat. I knew from national seashore tours that swans are very territorial and drive out other birds. The swans were the only birds visible that day. The bright green duckweed provided a stunning diagonal leading back to the dense  grove of trees ablaze with color. The wind rippling across the water in the distance provided a bold cobalt blue accent to the dark water and a perfect backdrop for the swans. The blue/orange harmony brought a unity  and contrast to the scene that seemed to tie it up in one beautiful package-all it needed was to be painted. The layering of the water, reflections and duckweed floating on the surface had to be done over a number of sessions, but the time was well worth it to get the special effects I wanted. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Music Court at Bird Park

The music court at Bird Park is a painting spot I've enjoyed over the years from many different perspectives. I first painted it back in 1980 during a concert. I was working in watercolor and trying to capture the many people and the varied activites that took place as families enjoyed music and a day's outing with balloons and picnics and pets. Since there's been Shakespeare in the Park and many other concerts, but recently my paintings are just about the architecture itself. In this one I was interested in the play of light as it danced across the open areas of the structure. The play of light and shadow creates patterns  that seem to dance and have a rhythm all their own. The painting is 6"X12" to accentuate the length of the music court as it stretches out along the pathway at the edge of the large field. The warmth of the sunlight is dramatized by the vibrant red tree being directly hit by the sunlight.