Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bird Park Beckons

Welcome to Bird Park 12x24 oil

Painting the entrance to the park is a favorite of mine. I intend to paint all the different seasons, so I planned it for the late afternoon early summer sun. Inspired by the light reflecting off of the wrought iron gate, I headed down around 4:30 pm to get the right  angle. The summer afternoon sun makes the entrance glow with a welcoming warmth. Since the last time I painted this gate, a local boy scout working on his eagle project here, removed plantings and added new ones. On this particular day, other folks  were there taking photos and posing in the open gate on the right.  The reddish blocks along the walkway are a hallmark of the park and harmonize well with all the lush greenery and expansive lawns. The stone walls and iron fencing enhance the earthy tones and fit in beautifully with the park design. I used the panoramic format this time to accentuate the horizontal expanse of the entrance.